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UC San Diego

We have redesigned My Research Safety to better assist the needs of your lab. Click on the buttons below or use the tabs above to navigate to the EH&S Tools as needed. We would like to hear your comments on this new page - email us at
Research Safety
Tools to manage your lab

My EH&S Profile

Manage contacts, personnel, and lab locations. View safety authorizations and lab audits. (Only available to PI and EH&S Lab Contacts.)

Laboratory Hazard Assessment (LHAT) and

Identify hazards and personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used.

Chemical Hazard Use Application (CHUA) and
Hazard Control Plans (HCPs)

Manage your hazardous chemicals and associated Hazard Control Plans (HCPs).

Online Waste Tag Program

Create labels and manage Hazardous (chemical), Radioactive, and Universal waste for pickup.

Training Analytics

Assess EH&S training completion for personnel. (Only available to PI and EH&S Lab Contacts.)

Apply for and manage EH&S Authorizations to work with Biohazardous materials (BUA), Controlled Substances (CSUA), Lasers (LUA), Radiation Producing Machines (MUA), and Radioisotopes (RUA).