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Welcome to My Research Safety

My Research Safety provides access to your lab's PI profile, authorizations for biological agents, radioactive materials, and controlled substances, and resources for managing safety.


Manage contacts and lab locations. View safety authorizations and lab audits.

Apply for and manage research authorizations for regulated materials.

View and export your inventory data.
This Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool facilitates identification of hazards and identifies the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used during the specified work activities. Your completed Laboratory Hazard Assessment provides a summary report of hazards present in the lab and specifies PPE required for workers.
Obtain free chemicals and donate usable surplus through UCSD's chemical reuse program.

Generate a risk statement and category for human research protocols.

View and export uniform Fire Code summary and chemical inventory details by building.View lab audits by department.

New systemwide policy effective across all UC campuses and medical centers as of 2013.

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