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Rad Risk Calculator

Radiation Risk Statements for Adults

  1. Select the radiologic examinations used in your protocol from the drop-down lists in the "Study"column. You can select up to three different studies for each of the four major categories (x-ray, nuclear, fluoro or CT), and you can select studies from more than one major category.
  2. The small boxes in the "#" column can be used OPTIONALLY to enter the number(s) of each type of study to be performed. For just one (1) instance of a selected study, you can leave the box as is. If TWO studies are required, enter a "2" in the box, and so forth.
    Typical values for the administered radioactivity for nuclear medicine exams are supplied automatically, and appear in the boxes in the "mCi" column when you select a nuclear medicine study. However, you can supply your own value for administered radioactivity by entering the new value (in millicuries) in the box. To accept the typical values, just leave the boxes "as is".
  3. Select the predominant gender (if any) of your study population. For example, a protocol studying patients with prostate cancer would have a male predominance.
  4. When the form is complete, click the "Create Statement" button. If you want to clear the form and start over, click the "Reset Form" button.
Data Entry Form
(1) - (2) Select Examinations:

# Regular X-ray Studies

# Nuclear Medicine Studies mCi

# CT Studies

# Fluoroscopy Studies Minutes

(3) Gender Predominance: None Female Male

(4) All Done? Click the "Create Statement" button:

UCSD Radiation Safety

The Risk statement calculator was made possible by the generous contribution of Robert E. Reiman, MSPH MD
Assistant Clinical Professor ( Radiology )
Faculty, Medical Physics Graduate Program
Radiation Safety Division
Duke University Medical Center